Australian Citizenship Test

Australian Citizenship Practice Test 83

This Australian citizenship practice test contains 20 questions and 45 minutes time limit. Remember that you need to get at least 15 Questions correct or 75% to pass this Australian citizenship practice test.

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  1. Select the correct statement regarding protests
    • Australians can gather with others to protest against a government action or an organisation.
    • All protests must be within the law.
    • Must be peaceful, and must not injure any person or damage property.
    • All of the above
  2. Where are Torres Strait Islanders people historically from?
    • Islands to the east of Queensland
    • Islands to the north of Queensland
    • Islands to the west of Queensland
  3. What does the white dancer's headdress in the Torres Strait Islander Flag Represent?
    • A symbol for all islands
    • A symbol for all Torres Strait Islanders
    • A symbol for peace
  4. Who collects tax in Australia?
    • The Australian Taxation Commission
    • The Australian Revenue Office
    • The Australian Taxation Office
  5. Which of these statements about migration in the first half of the 20th century is incorrect?
    • There were programs to actively encourage British migrants to settle here
    • The population more than doubled
    • Migration levels rose and fell
  6. Which heritage has influenced Australia's culture, history and political institutions?
    • Irish and British
    • Asian
    • American
    • African
  7. Which one of the below is the capital city of Victoria?
    • Brisbane
    • Perth
    • Sydney
    • Melbourne
  8. Name the places when the gold was discovered in the year 1851
    • Queensland and Western Australia
    • South Australia and Tasmania
    • New South Wales and Victoria
  9. State the three levels of government
    • Territory governments, The Australian Government, State governments
    • Territory Governments, local governments, and state governments
    • State and Territory governments, Local governments, and The Australian Government
  10. The first European settlement started in ______________
    • 26 January 1788
    • 26 January 1878
    • 16 January 1788
  11. In _______gold was discovered in the colonies of New South Wales and Victoria.
    • 1751
    • 1851
    • 1951
    • 1651
  12. The first inhabitants of Australia are_____________________
    • British people
    • The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people
    • Europeans
  13. The Torres Strait Islanders belong to the islands north of__________
    • Queensland
    • New South Wales
    • Victoria
  14. A major influence on Australia's history, culture and political institutions has come from _________ heritage<br />
    • Asian
    • American
    • British and Irish
  15. __________ is Victoria's capital city
    • Sydney
    • Melbourne
    • Canberra
  16. Which is the largest city of Australia?
    • Melbourne
    • Perth
    • Sydney
  17. Until when are people free to share different beliefs and traditions and follow them in the Australian democratic society?<br />
    • Australian laws are not broken by them
    • They don’t change their religion
    • They go for holidays for less than 30 days
  18. AEC stands for _____
    • Australian Electoral Commission
    • Australian Election Commission
    • Australian Electoral Community
  19. Which are the main political parties in Australia?
    • Australian Greens, the Nationals
    • The Liberal party of Australia, the Australian Labor Party
    • All of the above
  20. What is the national policy force of Australia called?
    • Australian State Police
    • Australian Federal Police
    • Australian Territory Police

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