Australian Citizenship Test

Australian Citizenship Practice Test 83

This Australian citizenship practice test contains 20 questions and 45 minutes time limit. Remember that you need to get at least 15 Questions correct or 75% to pass this Australian citizenship practice test.

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  1. Which statement is true?
    • Everyone must obey Australia’s laws
    • If you don’t obey the law, you may be arrested by the police and have to go to court.
    • 1st and 2nd statements are true
  2. Some members of parliament do not belong to any political party. The called as
    • Party workers
    • Independents
    • Party Men
    • None of the above
  3. Who has the highest authority in the court?
    • The Governor
    • The Prime Minister
    • The Queen
    • Judge or magistrate
  4. What is the leader of a local council called?
    • Mayor or Shire President
    • Chief Minister
    • Premier
  5. Law enforcing comes under which power
    • Social powers
    • Judicial powers
    • Executive powers
    • Legislative powers
  6. Who can make new laws and amend old laws in Australia
    • Parliament
    • Queen
    • Court
    • None of the above
  7. Which of these statements about Laws and religion in Australia is incorrect?
    • Most religions have rules, but these are not laws in Australia
    • Some religious or cultural practices, such as being married to more than one person at the same time, are against Australian law
    • The process of divorce, including custody of children and property settlement, must follow a religion is rules, but not Australia laws
  8. Who appoints judges and magistrates in Australia?
    • The Prime Minister
    • The Governor-General
    • The Government
    • The Queen
  9. What is freedom of speech allows
    • It allows people to say and discuss their ideas with others
    • It allows people to write what they think
    • All the above
  10. What is the capital of Australia?
    • Brisbane
    • Sydney
    • Melbourne
    • Canberra
  11. Who had eradicated the problem faced in the first few years of European settlement?
    • Kevin Michael Rudd
    • Captain Arthur Phillip
    • Frank Cassidy
  12. What should you do as a citizen of Australia?
    • Not serve on a jury if called to do so
    • Not defend Australia should the need arise
    • Defend Australia should the need arise
  13. What is the name of the authority electing the members of House of Representatives
    • By the Queen
    • By the Prime minster
    • The Australian people directly
  14. Which are the colors in the Australian National Flag?
    • White, blue, and red
    • Yellow, red, blue
    • Yellow, red, and white
  15. Of the following, which are Australia's official flags?
    • The Australian National Flag, the Union Flag
    • The Torres Strait Islander Flag, the Australian National Flag, and the Australian Aboriginal Flag
    • The Union Flag, Eureka Flag
  16. About the criminal offences in Australia, which of the following is true?
    • In Australia, it is a serious crime to show violence towards another person
    • In Australia, it is illegal to show violence towards another person
    • All of the above
  17. Which of the following are the national colours of Australia?
    • White and green
    • Gold and green
    • Green and pink
  18. In which election do the Australian people elect the members of House of Senate?
    • State
    • Local council
    • Federal
  19. The responsibility of ____________ lies with the Australian Government.
    • Citizenship and immigration
    • Traffic controls
    • Local roads
  20. Before the Bills go to the Governor-General, who has to agree with them?
    • The Senate
    • The House of Representatives
    • All of the above

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