Australian Citizenship Test

Australian Citizenship Practice Test 72

This Australian citizenship practice test contains 20 questions and 45 minutes time limit. Remember that you need to get at least 15 Questions correct or 75% to pass this Australian citizenship practice test.

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  1. Considering any proposal for a new law to accept or reject it, what this process is called
    • System
    • Auditing
    • Review
    • Preview
  2. Who can make new laws and amend old laws in Australia
    • Court
    • Queen
    • Parliament
  3. How should change occur in Australia?
    • Through discussion, violence persuasion and the democratic process
    • Through discussion, peaceful persuasion and the democratic process
    • Through discussion, forceful persuasion and the democratic process
  4. Which of these statements about migration in the first half of the 20th century is incorrect?
    • Migration levels rose and fell
    • The population more than doubled
    • There were programs to actively encourage British migrants to settle here
  5. Law enforcing comes under which power
    • Judicial powers
    • Executive powers
    • Legislative powers
  6. What is the name of the place from where Aboriginal people came to Australia?
    • New Zealand
    • Hawaii
    • Japan
    • Indonesia
  7. Who was the person to overcome various problems in the first few years of European settlement?
    • Frank Cassidy
    • Captain Arthur Phillip
    • Kevin Michael Rudd
  8. What is the oldest continuing culture of the world?
    • Asian Culture
    • Australia's Indigenous culture
    • Roman Culture
    • British Culture
  9. What is inclusive of the role of governor general?
    • Performing ceremonial duties
    • Approving the appointment of the Australian Government and its ministers
    • All of the above
  10. Which one of the following is the responsibility of State and territory governments?
    • Air safety and airports
    • Citizenship and immigration
    • Road traffic control and roads
  11. Who signs the bill after which it becomes a law?
    • Senate
    • Governor-General
    • The House of Representatives
  12. Of the following statement, which would you consider an example of freedom of speech?
    • Any topic can be written and discussed in newspapers
    • In a court of law, women and men are treated equally
    • Australians are free to not follow a religion
  13. For the decisions made, who must answer to the people, through elections, in a parliamentary democracy?
    • Queen
    • Queen King
    • Representatives
  14. Which of the following are the State and territory governments responsible for?
    • Defense
    • Schools
    • Citizenship and immigration
  15. The State and territory governments are responsible for which of the following?
    • Employment
    • Air safety and airports
    • Police
  16. What is the national policy force of Australia called?
    • Australian Territory Police
    • Australian State Police
    • Australian Federal Police
  17. In 1788, the First Fleet from Great Britain arrived in...
    • January
    • February
    • March
    • May
  18. The European settlement began in _________
    • 16 January 1888
    • 16 January 1788
    • 26 January 1878
    • 26 January 1788
  19. What does the Commonwealth coat of arms represent?
    • National Unity of Australia
    • National sports teams’ uniforms
    • Peace
  20. Of the following statement, choose the one that is true
    • The Prime Minister elects the representatives who make the Parliament
    • The people of Australia elect the representatives who make the Parliament
    • The Queen elects the representatives who make the Parliament

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