Australian Citizenship Test

Australian Citizenship Practice Test 62

This Australian citizenship practice test contains 20 questions and 45 minutes time limit. Remember that you need to get at least 15 Questions correct or 75% to pass this Australian citizenship practice test.

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  1. Hobart is the capital city of which Australian state?
    • Victoria
    • Tasmania
    • Queensland
    • South Australia
  2. The Australian system of parliamentary democracy was based on the ---------- system
    • USA
    • French
    • British
    • Russia
  3. What do we remember on Anzac Day?
    • The landing of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps in Turkey during World War I
    • The arrival of the First Fleet from Great Britain in 1788
    • The sacrifice of all Australians who served and died in wars, conflicts and peacekeeping operations
  4. What is the name of Australia’s national anthem?
    • The Star-Spangled Banner
    • Advance Australia Fair
    • God Save the Queen
    • Forged from the Love of Liberty
  5. Who is responsible for planning and delivering services to their local community?
    • People’s House
    • Senate
    • Administrator
    • Councils
  6. Taxes support services that help make Australia the peaceful and prosperous country it is today.
    • True
    • False
  7. House of representatives also known as
    • Upper House
    • States’ House
    • Lower House or the People’s House
  8. How many common wealth stars points can you see?
    • 8
    • 7
    • 9
    • 11
  9. State the duty of a Jury service
    • That the court is neat and tidy is made sure by the Jury service
    • That the court starts at the right time is made sure by the Jury service
    • That the court system is open and fair is made sure by the Jury service
  10. _______ is Queensland's capital city
    • Brisbane
    • Melbourne
    • Sydney
  11. Of the following statements, which is true?
    • Torres Strait Islanders do not have a distinct cultural identity.
    • Torres Strait Islanders have a distinct cultural identity.
    • Torres Strait Islanders live in mainland Australia.
  12. To apply for a career in the Australian Defense Force, the minimum age is ____________
    • 15 years
    • 14 years
    • 20 years
    • 18 years
  13. Of the following statements, identify the one that is true?
    • The car must be registered to drive a car in Australia
    • You must have a local driver's license to drive a car in Australia
    • All of the above
  14. Sometimes, the Senate is also referred to as _____________
    • The House of Representatives
    • The States' House
    • The Lower House
  15. Which would you consider the oldest continuing culture in the world?
    • Roman Culture
    • British Culture
    • The indigenous culture of Australia
  16. What is Australia's population today?
    • 42 Million
    • 52 Million
    • 62 Million
    • 22 Million
  17. Why is January 26 important?
    • Australia Day
    • Father's day
    • Valentine's day
  18. The power to make laws that govern the country lies with __________
    • The King
    • Parliament
    • The Queen
  19. People united the British colonies to form a single Australian nation. Why?
    • It was difficult to enforce the law across borders
    • Between the colonies, trade and transport was expensive and slow
    • All of the above
  20. Which are the main political parties in Australia?
    • Australian Greens, the Nationals
    • The Liberal party of Australia, the Australian Labor Party
    • All of the above

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