Australian Citizenship Test

Australian Citizenship Practice Test 60

This Australian citizenship practice test contains 20 questions and 45 minutes time limit. Remember that you need to get at least 15 Questions correct or 75% to pass this Australian citizenship practice test.

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  1. The first 11 convict ships, which also known as
    • First Fleet
    • Second Fleet
    • Third Fleet
    • Fourth Fleet
  2. Which flag’s top half is black and represents the Aboriginal people of Australia?
    • Australian Aboriginal Flag
    • The Australian National Flag
    • The Torres Strait Islander Flag
  3. The Australian constitution can only be changed by
    • Revolution
    • Referendum
    • Bloodshed
    • All of the above
  4. What does the shield in the centre of the Commonwealth Coat of Arms Represent?
    • The six states and federation
    • The six British colonies
    • Australia's army shield
  5. With what name you shall define a person who is authorised to act or speak on behalf of others
    • Teacher
    • Representative
    • Educator
    • Lawyer
  6. Which legal body takes decisions on most important matters in Australian Government?
    • The Prime Minister
    • Cabinet
    • The Queen
    • None of the above
  7. What system of government do we have in Australia?
    • Queen rule
    • King rule
    • Parliamentary democracy
  8. Who represents the Queen of Australia in each of the state?
    • Senator
    • Governor
    • Governor –General
  9. What is the constituent of the common wealth of Australia?
    • States
    • Territories
    • All of the above
  10. Mention the national gemstone of Australia
    • Jasper
    • Pearl
    • Opal
    • None of the above
  11. State the organization in that provides fair and honest election
    • Territory Electoral Commission
    • Federal Electoral Commission
    • Australian Electoral Commission
  12. State the responsibility lies with the state and territory governments
    • Taxation
    • Defense
    • Health services and hospitals
  13. Of the following statements, which is true?
    • More than half of the populations of Australia were born abroad
    • More than 1/4 of the populations of Australia were born abroad
    • Less than 1/4 of the population of Australia were born abroad
  14. The joy and pride in being Australian is publicly expressed through
    • The Star-Spangled Banner
    • God save the King
    • Advance Australia Fair
  15. In Australia, what does equality of opportunity mean?
    • Australians believe in a fair society
    • In Australian society, they believe in class distinctions
    • Australians believe in a class based fair society
  16. A double majority is required in a ___________ to change the Australian constitution
    • Federal Election
    • Referendum
    • Pembroke By-election
  17. Choose a statement that is true about colonies
    • Each colony had its own laws relating to postage within British colony borders
    • Each colony had its own laws relating to trade and transport within British colony borders
    • All of the above
  18. During European Settlement, why was a decision taken by the British Government to transport convicts to the new colony of New South Wales?<br />
    • Jails could not hold the large number of people imprisoned for their crimes
    • British laws were harsh
    • All of the above
  19. Choose the true statement of the following.
    • Through voluntary community work, many groups and individuals help others , because of the spirit of mateship
    • Many people fight with each other because of the spirit of mateship
    • Many people go away from Australia because of the spirit of mateship
  20. To seek elections to parliament at the federal, state or territory level, Australian citizens should be aged _____
    • 18 years
    • 17 years
    • 15 years
    • 19 years

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