Australian Citizenship Test

Australian Citizenship Practice Test 58

This Australian citizenship practice test contains 20 questions and 45 minutes time limit. Remember that you need to get at least 15 Questions correct or 75% to pass this Australian citizenship practice test.

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  1. Who conducts federal elections?
    • The Australian Audit Commission
    • The Australian Tax Commission
    • The Australian Electoral Commission
    • None of the above
  2. What are the State and territory governments responsible for?
    • Railways
    • Employment
    • Drains
  3. What are Local governments responsible for?
    • Roads and road traffic control
    • Employment
    • Parks, playgrounds, swimming pools, sports grounds
  4. Which of these statements about the Australian Taxation Office is incorrect?
    • The ATO works to ensure all citizens are aware of their tax rights and obligations to pay the correct amount of tax
    • Tax is collected by the Australian Taxation Office
    • Tax is collected by the Australian Taxation Office only from businesses
  5. What is the main town near the centre of Australia?
    • Alice Springs
    • Dubbo
    • Emerald
  6. Which of these statements about equality of men and women is incorrect?
    • Both men and women can join the police but only men can join the Australian Defence Force
    • Both men and women have equal access to education and employment
    • Both men and women have the right to make their own independent choices about personal matters
  7. Commonwealth Coat of Arms has a shield in the centre, what it represents
    • 3 states and federation
    • 5 states and federation
    • 7 states and federation
    • 6 states and federation
  8. How many representatives does each state get to elect
    • 12
    • 14
    • 15
    • 18
  9. Which of the following is correct?
    • People are allowed to speak and write what they think in Australia
    • People can harm others in Australia
    • People cannot speak and write what they think in Australia
  10. What is the minimum age for an individual to get a career in Australian Army?
    • 18 years
    • 20 years
    • 21 years
    • 23 years
  11. Name the responsibility of local government
    • Animal and noise control
    • Air safety and airports
    • Defence
  12. What colours does the Torres Strait Islander Flag have?
    • Yellow, green, white and black
    • Black, white, blue and orange
    • Blue, black, white, and green
  13. Why is January 26 important?
    • Father's day
    • Australia Day
    • Valentine‚Äôs Day
  14. The Commonwealth Property is identified by the official symbol of ________
    • The national flower of Australia
    • The national anthem
    • Commonwealth Coat of Arms
  15. On the Australian Aboriginal Flag, the black color on the top half represents __________
    • Australia's Aboriginal people
    • The Torres Straits' island groups
    • A spiritual relation to the land and the earth
  16. On 26 January, 1788, ________ arrived from Great Britain.
    • British Fleet
    • First Fleet
    • Second Fleet
  17. Of the following statements, identify the one that is true?
    • The car must be registered to drive a car in Australia
    • You must have a local driver's license to drive a car in Australia
    • All of the above
  18. Which of the following is the Australian Government responsible for?
    • Local roads
    • Bridges
    • National economic management
  19. The national language of Australia is__________
    • Warlpiri
    • English
    • Tiwi
  20. How many Senators are there in the house of Senate?
    • 72
    • 78
    • 79
    • 76

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