Australian Citizenship Test

Australian Citizenship Practice Test 53

This Australian citizenship practice test contains 20 questions and 45 minutes time limit. Remember that you need to get at least 15 Questions correct or 75% to pass this Australian citizenship practice test.

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  1. Select the correct statement regarding equality of men and women
    • Men and women have equal rights in Australia.
    • It is against the law to discriminate against a person because of their gender
    • Both men and women have the right to make their own independent choices about personal matters such as marriage, and are protected by the law from intimidation or violence
    • All of the above
  2. What does ATO stand for?
    • Australian Transport Office
    • Australian Taxation Office
    • Australian Audit Office
    • Australian Sales Office
  3. Where did the first 11 convict ships that arrived in Australia come from?
    • USA
    • Great Britain
    • Ireland
    • China
  4. What is Victoria's capital city?
    • Darwin
    • Hobart
    • Sydney
    • Melbourne
  5. Name the places when the gold was discovered in the year 1851
    • Queensland and Western Australia
    • South Australia and Tasmania
    • New South Wales and Victoria
  6. Where can you view the tropics of Northern Territory?
    • East
    • South
    • North
    • West
  7. What is the name of the places between which Australian Capital Territory is situated?
    • Melbourne and Sydney
    • Perth and Brisbane
    • Adelaide and Hobart
  8. What does the equality in Australia mean?
    • Joining the police and the Australian Defence Force is open to both men and women
    • Joining the police and the Australian Defence Force is only open to men
    • Joining the police and the Australian Defence Force is only open to women
  9. What is the religion of Australians?
    • Buddhists
    • Hindus
    • Muslims
    • Christians
  10. Which among the following statements about AEC is true?
    • The AEC is independent of the government
    • The AEC always dependents on the government
    • The AEC is a sub branch of the government
  11. Which among the statement about voting in Australia is true?
    • In Australian federal and state or territory elections, voting is compulsory once you are on the electoral roll
    • You can vote if you wish once you are on the electoral roll
    • You are not allowed to vote once you are on the electoral roll
    • None of the Above
  12. How is the south-west of Western Australia?
    • Mostly Desert
    • Riverbank
    • A rich agricultural area
  13. The Torres Strait Islanders belong to the islands north of__________
    • Victoria
    • Queensland
    • New South Wales
  14. Which is the largest city of Australia?
    • Melbourne
    • Sydney
    • Perth
  15. Along the main highway between _______ and __________ lives the small population of the Northern Territory
    • Palmerston and Belconnen
    • Alice Springs and Darwin
    • Alice Springs and Palmerston
  16. Where, in 1851, was gold discovered?
    • Victoria and New South Wales
    • Tasmania and South Australia
    • Western Australia and Queensland
  17. The right to _________ comes with being an Australian
    • Apply for work in the Australian Defense Force or the Australian Public Service
    • Vote in a referendum, federal and state or territory elections
    • All of the above
  18. Choose the statement that is true.
    • Each colony had its own constitution within British colony borders
    • Each colony had its own defense laws within British colony borders
    • All of the above
  19. You pledge your loyalty to ___________at the citizenship ceremony.
    • Australia and its people
    • The people and the Prime Minister
    • The Queen
  20. In the House of Representatives, what is the party or coalition of parties with the second largest number of members called?
    • Ruling
    • The second
    • Opposition

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