Australian Citizenship Test

Australian Citizenship Practice Test 49

This Australian citizenship practice test contains 20 questions and 45 minutes time limit. Remember that you need to get at least 15 Questions correct or 75% to pass this Australian citizenship practice test.

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  1. What are the State and territory governments responsible for?
    • Food and meat inspection
    • Defence
    • Forestry
  2. When were the colonies united into a federation of states called the Commonwealth of Australia?
    • 1871
    • 1788
    • 1718
    • 1801
  3. Australian government is ------------
    • Spiritual
    • Secular
    • Godly
    • None of the above
  4. Illegal buying or carrying of drugs for selling purpose, what it is called
    • Consuming drugs
    • Drug therapy
    • Drug trafficking
  5. Who plays the role like a State Governor in the Northern Territory?
    • Senator
    • The Administrator
    • Governor –General
    • Minister
  6. What did the First Fleet mostly transport?
    • Convicts
    • Explorers
    • Free settlers
  7. Which territory or state is the nation's capital city?
    • Queensland
    • South Australia
    • Australian Capital Territory
    • New South Wales
  8. What is the name of the native bird in Australia?
    • Flamingo
    • Emu
    • Peacock
  9. Which one among the questions about the colonies is true?
    • Each colony had its own laws relating to postage within British colony borders
    • Each colony had its own laws relating to trade and transport within British colony borders
    • All of the above
    • None of the Above
  10. For which of the following is the state and the territory government responsible?
    • Railways
    • Citizenship and immigration
    • Defense
  11. _______ was the first Governor of the colony of New South Wales.
    • Kevin Michael RUDD
    • Captain Arthur Phillip
    • Frank Cassidy
  12. Australia's day is celebrated on ______
    • On 24 January
    • On 26 January
    • On 28 January
  13. What is the flag of Great Britain that is on Australian National Flag called?
    • The Union Jack
    • The Southern Cross
    • The Commonwealth Star
  14. If you are a citizen of Australia, you should ________
    • Defend Australia should the need arise
    • Not defend Australia should the need arise
    • Not serve on a jury if called to do so
  15. Until when are people free to share different beliefs and traditions and follow them in the Australian democratic society?
    • They don’t change their religion
    • Australian laws are not broken by them
    • They go for holidays for less than 30 days
  16. Who appoints an Administrator in the Northern Territory?
    • The Prime Minister
    • Governor-General
    • The Queen
    • The Court
  17. The Australian National Flag has 3 important parts, namely _________
    • Union Jack, The green stripes, the Commonwealth Star
    • The Southern Cross, Union Jack, the yellow circle
    • The Commonwealth Star, Union Jack, the Southern Cross
  18. What is the Opposition?
    • Anybody who doesn't agree with the government
    • People who oppose the fact that Australia is a monarchy
    • Politicians who do not agree with the Prime Minister
    • The political party who wins the second largest number of seats in Parliament
  19. To build a new life, a large number of Europeans came to Australia _______
    • After World War I1
    • After World War I
  20. Identify the statement from among these that is true?
    • For breaking traffic laws, people can be sent to prison
    • For breaking traffic laws, people can be fined large amounts of money
    • All of the above

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