Australian Citizenship Test

Australian Citizenship Practice Test 42

This Australian citizenship practice test contains 20 questions and 45 minutes time limit. Remember that you need to get at least 15 Questions correct or 75% to pass this Australian citizenship practice test.

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  1. Who was the first governor of the colony of New South Wales?
    • Captain Kangaroo
    • Captain Morgan
    • Captain Marvel
    • Captain Arthur Phillip
  2. Which city is the smallest of the mainland states?
    • Sydney
    • Adelaide
    • Perth
    • Victoria
  3. Which state has many examples of fine colonial architecture?
    • Victoria
    • South Australia
    • New South Wales
    • Western Australia
  4. How many representatives does each state get to elect
    • 12
    • 11
    • 17
    • 14
  5. When you receive help from other people especially in difficult situations or help unknown persons what this act is called as
    • Friendship
    • Mateship
    • Goodship
    • MoneyShip
  6. What is the official symbol of the Commonwealth of Australia?
    • The Commonwealth Coat of Arms
    • The Union Jack
    • The Commonwealth Star
  7. What level of government is responsible for noise and animal control?
    • The Australian Government
    • State and territory governments
    • Local governments and the Australian Capital Territory Government
  8. What is the leader of a local council called?
    • Mayor or Shire President
    • Chief Minister
    • Premier
  9. What help can you receive from an Australian official while overseas
    • Emergencies such as civil unrest and natural disasaters
    • Emergency passports and provide advice and support in the case of an accident, serious illness or death
    • All the above
  10. One of the following is the oldest continuing culture in the world? What is it?
    • British Culture
    • Roman Culture
    • The indigenous culture of Australia
    • Chinese culture
  11. State the correct statement about the British colonies
    • A single Australian nation was not formed by the British colonies uniting
    • The British colonies did not unite to a single Australian nation through revolution or bloodshed
    • Through revolution or bloodshed, the British colonies united form a single Australian nation
  12. State the correct statement of the following
    • The Australian Government operates in a different way to State Governments
    • The Australian Government operates in a similar way to State Governments
    • The states do not have separate governments
  13. To work for the Australian Government, the minimum age is _______
    • 16 years
    • 18 years
    • 21 years
    • 20 years
  14. Which is the largest city of Australia?
    • Melbourne
    • Sydney
    • Perth
  15. How do Australians describe themselves?
    • Buddhists
    • Christians
    • Muslims
  16. A double majority is required in a ___________ to change the Australian constitution
    • Federal Election
    • Referendum
    • Pembroke By-election
  17. The Bill becomes a law when __________ signs the Bill.
    • Governor-General
    • Senate
    • The House of Representatives
  18. In Victoria and New South Wales, the first large group of migrants who were not from Europe was ____<br />
    • The people of Africa
    • Chinese people
    • Sri Lanka people
  19. What is Australia's population today?
    • 42 Million
    • 52 Million
    • 62 Million
    • 22 Million
  20. Of the following statements about equality of men and women in Australia, choose the one that is true<br />
    • In Australia, men have less rights than women
    • In Australia, men have more rights than women
    • Discriminating against a person because of gender is illegal

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