Australian Citizenship Test

Australian Citizenship Practice Test 39

This Australian citizenship practice test contains 20 questions and 45 minutes time limit. Remember that you need to get at least 15 Questions correct or 75% to pass this Australian citizenship practice test.

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  1. Historically, Aboriginal people are from?
    • Mainland Australia and Tasmania
    • Britain
    • Russia
    • China
  2. How many states are in Australia?
    • 4
    • 2
    • 6
    • 5
  3. How many representatives each of the mainland territories elect
    • Two
    • Four
    • Five
    • Six
  4. Australian native animals are Kangaroos and emus
    • True
    • False
  5. When two or more political parties join hands under a political strategy, what it is called
    • Mixed Party
    • Coalition
    • Joint Party
  6. Taxes support services that help make Australia the peaceful and prosperous country it is today.
    • True
    • False
  7. What is the procedure of re admitting Australian citizen in the nation?
    • Are able to travel worldwide without a passport
    • Must apply for a passport
    • Have the privilege of being able to apply for an Australian passport
  8. State the correct statement about the state government in the list
    • The States have no constitution
    • All States have the same constitution
    • All States run by Federal Constitution Only
    • Each state has its own constitution
  9. From which place did the Torres Strait Islanders come?
    • Queensland
    • Victoria
    • Perth
    • New South Wales
  10. What is the name of the world famous reef that runs along the eastern coast of Queensland?
    • Indonesia reef
    • Great Barrier Reef
    • Sky dive reef
    • None of the above
  11. Name the national flower of Australia
    • Tulips
    • Daffodils
    • Golden wattle
  12. State the national colours of Australia
    • Gold and green
    • White and green
    • Green and pink
  13. State one among the following privileges of Australians
    • While overseas, they can seek help from an Australian official
    • Children born overseas can be registered by descent as Australian citizens
    • All of the above
    • None of the Above
  14. Point out the correct statement
    • The Governor-General depend on Liberal Party of Australia
    • The Governor-General depend on Australian Labor Party
    • The Governor-General acts independently of all political parties
  15. Which of the following statements about equality in Australia is true?
    • Voting and contesting for Parliament is the right of only men
    • Voting and contesting for Parliament is the right of only women
    • Voting and contesting for Parliament is the right of both women and men
  16. All the people of a country are involved in the way the country is governed in a ________
    • Parliamentary dictatorship
    • Parliamentary democracy
    • Parliamentary Monarchy
  17. You must ___________ as an Australian citizen.
    • Not serve on a jury if called to do so
    • Obey the law
    • Not obey the law
  18. On what is the Australian system of parliamentary democracy based?
    • Indian democracy
    • American system
    • British system
  19. Both the mainland territories elect _______ representatives each in the house of Senate.
    • 5
    • 4
    • 3
    • 2
  20. Of the following statements about Freedom of association in Australia, which is true?
    • Gathering with others to protest against the government is not allowed
    • Gathering with others to protest against the government is allowed
    • Gathering with others to protest against a religion is allowed

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