Australian Citizenship Test

Australian Citizenship Practice Test 35

This Australian citizenship practice test contains 20 questions and 45 minutes time limit. Remember that you need to get at least 15 Questions correct or 75% to pass this Australian citizenship practice test.

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  1. Which has the power to apply and interpret the laws of Australia?
    • Parliament
    • High Court of Australia
    • The Queen
    • The Prime Minister
  2. When two or more political parties join hands under a political strategy, what it is called
    • Mixed Party
    • Coalition
    • Joint Party
  3. Considering any proposal for a new law to accept or reject it, what this process is called
    • Review
    • Preview
    • Auditing
  4. One of the following is the oldest continuing culture in the world? What is it?
    • British Culture
    • Roman Culture
    • The indigenous culture of Australia
    • Chinese culture
  5. Where does the world famous Great Barrier Reef Run?
    • Tasmania's
    • Queensland's
    • Victoria's
  6. Where is the area covered by agriculture and wine growth?
    • South Australia
    • Queensland
    • Western Australia
  7. The statement is about Australia. State the correct alternative
    • Others can be encouraged to break the law in Australia
    • False allegations cannot be made by the people of Australia
    • A person's reputation can be damaged by another in Australia
  8. What is the important right and responsibility of all Australian citizens?
    • Voting
    • Travelling
    • Teaching
    • None of the Above
  9. What responsibility lies with the local governments?
    • Defence
    • Community centres, halls and local libraries
    • Schools
  10. The law that states that no person or group is above the law and all Australians are equal under the law is called __________
    • Equal law
    • One law
    • Rule of law
  11. Which form of government does Australia follow?
    • Dictatorship
    • Autocracy
    • Democracy
  12. Six separate __________ made Australia before 1901.
    • Self-governing Australian colonies
    • Self-governing British colonies
    • Self-governing American colonies
  13. Who elects the members of House of Representatives?
    • The Queen
    • The Australian people directly
    • By the Prime minster
  14. How many members are elected to the House of Representatives?
    • 250
    • 50
    • 100
    • 150
  15. Aboriginal people are historically from_________________
    • Tasmania and Britain
    • Europe
    • Mainland Australia and Tasmania
  16. In 1851, why did people come to New South Wales and Victoria from all around the world?<br />
    • To try their luck at making a fortune
    • To make money
    • To do the Farming
  17. Of the following statements, choose the one that is true of equality in Australia.
    • Equal access to education and employment is provided to both men and women
    • Access to education and employment is provided only to men
    • Access to education and employment is provided only to women
  18. Name the 3 arms of government
    • Judicial power, legislative power, Executive power
    • Electoral power, Legislative power, Executive power
    • Judicial power, Electoral power, Legislative power
  19. Identify the statement from among these that is true?
    • Each colony had its own laws relating to postage within British colony borders
    • Each colony had its own laws relating to immigration within British colony borders
    • All of the above
  20. Of the following services, what are the Local governments responsible for?
    • Caravan parks and camping grounds
    • Railways
    • Air safety and airports

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