Australian Citizenship Test

Australian Citizenship Practice Test 27

This Australian citizenship practice test contains 20 questions and 45 minutes time limit. Remember that you need to get at least 15 Questions correct or 75% to pass this Australian citizenship practice test.

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  1. When many citizenship ceremonies are held across the country?
    • Easter Day
    • Boxing Day
    • Christmas Day
    • Australia Day
  2. Select the correct statement regarding a jury
    • Jury service is a responsibility for Australian citizens aged 18 years or over.
    • Any Australian who is on the electoral roll may be called to serve on a jury.
    • Jury service helps to make sure that the court system is open and fair.
    • All of the above
  3. Who maintain peace and order in the community?
    • A court
    • The Police
    • The Prime Minister
    • The Governor
  4. Where did the first 11 convict ships that arrived in Australia come from?
    • USA
    • Great Britain
    • Ireland
    • China
  5. What is the name of Australia’s national anthem?
    • The Star-Spangled Banner
    • Advance Australia Fair
    • God Save the Queen
    • Forged from the Love of Liberty
  6. Australians do not believe in a fair society, where everyone deserves a 'fair go'.
    • True
    • False
  7. Name the first 11 convict ships
    • First Fleet
    • First 11 Ships
    • 11 Fleet
    • 21 Fleet
  8. What is the National language of Australia?
    • French
    • Italian
    • Tiwi
    • English
  9. State the date when the Australia’s day is celebrated
    • On 28 January
    • On 22 January
    • On 26 January
    • On 24 January
  10. How can the Australian Constitution change?
    • Referendum
    • Federal Election
    • By-election
  11. State the other name for the Australian Government
    • Territory government
    • General Government
    • Commonwealth Government
  12. Which of the following is the first colony established by the British?
    • New South Wales
    • Queensland
    • Victoria
  13. On Anzac Day, we remember __________
    • The First Fleet's landing at Sydney Cove
    • The first free settlers arriving from Britain
    • New Zealand and Australian Army Corps's landing at Gallipoli
  14. Australia's history and all the people who have made it great are honoured on ____________
    • Labour Day
    • Darwin Show Day
    • Australia Day
  15. On the Torres Strait Islander Flag, the points of the white star represent _____
    • A symbol of peace
    • A symbol for all Torres Strait Islanders
    • The Torres Strait's island groups
  16. An Australian citizen votes regularly in ______________
    • State or territory and federal elections
    • Referendum
    • Local government elections
  17. Of the following statements, which is true?
    • You can discuss your suggestions about the immigration system with your local member of parliament
    • Any suggestions to your local member of parliament cannot be given
    • You cannot discuss your suggestions about the immigration system with your local member of parliament
  18. What is the color of the bottom half of the Australian Aboriginal Flag?
    • Black
    • Red
    • Green
  19. What is the definition of a Jury?
    • A jury is a group of people committed to join together to defend the nation and its way of life.
    • A jury is a group of ordinary Australian men and women who listen to the evidence in a court case and decide if a person is innocent or guilty.
    • A jury is group of people who can apply for an Australian passport and re-enter Australia freely
  20. For a career in the Air Force, what is the minimum age to apply?
    • 16 years
    • 15 years
    • 19 years
    • 18 years

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