Australian Citizenship Test

Australian Citizenship Practice Test 20

This Australian citizenship practice test contains 20 questions and 45 minutes time limit. Remember that you need to get at least 15 Questions correct or 75% to pass this Australian citizenship practice test.

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  1. When the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps landed at Gallipoli in Turkey?
    • On 15 April 1815
    • On 15 April 1915
    • On 25 April 1815
    • On 25 April 1915
  2. Which flag’s top half is black and represents the Aboriginal people of Australia?
    • Australian Aboriginal Flag
    • The Australian National Flag
    • The Torres Strait Islander Flag
  3. Which freedom allows people to express their views through art, film, music and literature?
    • Freedom of speech
    • Freedom of expression
    • None of the above
    • All of the above
  4. When the colonies were united into a federation of states called the Commonwealth of Australia?
    • On 1 January 1601
    • On 1 January 1801
    • On 1 January 1901
    • On 1 January 1401
  5. What is the Australian government responsible for?
    • Airports and air safety
    • Schools
    • Local libraries, halls and community centres
  6. What is Queensland's capital city?
    • Melbourne
    • Brisbane
    • Canberra
    • Hobart
  7. Which level of government is responsible for public transport?
    • The Australian Government
    • Local governments
    • State and territory governments
    • None of the above
  8. What date did European settlement start?
    • 26 April 1788
    • 26 January 1788
    • 26 May 1788
    • 26 June 1788
  9. With whom lies the responsibility to appoint the Governor General?
    • The Parliament
    • The Prime Minister
    • The Queen
    • None of the above
  10. What was the reason behind the decision taken by the British Government for transporting convicts to New south Wales- New colony?
    • Jails could not hold the large number of people imprisoned for their crimes
    • British laws were harsh
    • All of the above
    • None of the above
  11. Who were encouraged to settle in Australia in the first half of 20th century?
    • Italian
    • African
    • British
    • Indian
  12. With who does the power to make laws lies?
    • The King
    • Parliament
    • The Queen
  13. What was the federation of states that was formed when the colonies of Victoria and New South Wales were united in 1901 called?
    • Australian Federation
    • Commonwealth of Australia
    • First Fleet
  14. The Australian Government is formed by whom?
    • All parties join to form the Australian Government after an election
    • The political party with the majority of Members in the House of Representatives forms the Australian Government after an election
    • The political party with the least votes forms the Australian Government after the election
  15. When do people commit to a happy and prosperous future together and rejoice in the present?
    • Alice Springs Show Day
    • Australia Day
    • Darwin Show Day
  16. Australian Aboriginal Flag's top half is _________
    • Green
    • Yellow
    • Red
    • Black
  17. In Australia, to register your name and address on the electoral roll , you should a minimum of ____ years
    • 22 years
    • 16 years
    • 18 years
    • 20 years
  18. About the Jury service, which is true?
    • To serve on a jury, all the people in Australia may be called
    • To serve on a jury, any Australian on the electoral roll may be called
    • To serve on a jury, people who come to visit Australia may be called
  19. Of the following, which flag has the colours green, blue, black and white?
    • The Australian Aboriginal Flag
    • The Australian National Flag
    • The Torres Strait Islander flag
  20. What represents the national unity of Australia
    • Opel
    • Golden wattle
    • Commonwealth Coat of Arms

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