Australian Citizenship Test

Australian Citizenship Practice Test 14

This Australian citizenship practice test contains 20 questions and 45 minutes time limit. Remember that you need to get at least 15 Questions correct or 75% to pass this Australian citizenship practice test.

Time Spent: 00:45:00

  1. Both men and women have equal access to education and employment. Is it true?
    • Yes
    • No
  2. What are the State and territory governments responsible for?
    • Hospitals and health services
    • Taxation
    • Street signs, traffic controls
  3. What are Local governments responsible for?
    • Street signs, traffic controls
    • Taxation
    • Hospitals and health services
  4. When the Bill becomes a law
    • Prime Minister signs the Bill
    • Governor-General signs the Bill
    • Queen signs the Bill
    • None of the above
  5. Who issues firearm licence?
    • The Prime Minister
    • Court
    • Police
    • The Queen
  6. To drive a car in Australia, you must have a local driver’s licence and the car must be registered. Is it true?
    • Yes
    • No
  7. What does the blue panel in the Torres Strait Islander Flag Represent?
    • The sea
    • The land
    • The people
    • The earth
  8. What beliefs do you share with Australia and its people in the citizenship pledge?
    • Communist
    • Capitalist
    • Democratic
  9. Which of these statements about voluntary community work is incorrect?
    • To learn new skills in voluntary community work
    • To work for government to become Australian citizen
    • To share knowledge and increase your sense of belonging to the Australian community
  10. What is the capital of Australia?
    • Brisbane
    • Sydney
    • Melbourne
    • Canberra
  11. Which one of the following statement is true?
    • Only some states in Australia have capital city
    • Only one territory in Australia has its own capital
    • Each mainland territory and state has its own capital in Australia
  12. Where are the Australian Government ministers and The Governor General included?
    • Executive power
    • Legislative power
    • Judicial power
  13. Who are Australia’s indigenous people?
    • British people
    • Europeans
    • The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people
  14. Australia's laws are to be obeyed by _________
    • Everyone in Australia
    • Only Parliament members
    • Only People born in Australia
  15. In __________ election, voting is compulsory in Australia
    • State
    • Federal
    • All of the above
  16. Australia’s culture, history and political institutions have been majorly influenced by _________ heritage
    • Irish and British
    • Asian
    • American
  17. Which are the main political parties in Australia?
    • The Liberal party of Australia, the Australian Labor Party
    • Australian Greens, the Nationals
    • All of the above
  18. The oldest continuing culture in the world is______________
    • Roman Culture
    • Australia's Indigenous culture
    • British Culture
  19. At major sporting events, at school and at Australian citizenship ceremonies, what is sung?
    • God save the King
    • The Star-Spangled Banner
    • Advance Australia Fair
  20. To apply for a career in the Australian Defence Force, the minimum age is ____________
    • 16 years
    • 19 years
    • 18 years
    • 14 years

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You need to get at least 75% (15 Questions correct) to pass this practice test.